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Lyrics to Broken Wings

Broken Wings

Lyrics to the song Broken Wings as recorded by Bryan Ferry.

Through the golden sunset
Beyond the border line
Stands a cross
A simple sign
There the fires of evening
Reveal so many things
But who can mend broken wings
Southern belles
Fancy rings
Divorced from anything
As the story goes
Wish I could fly
Take me ever winding
Where the morning rain
Takes a cloud from the sky
There I long to love you
Love is everything
Who can mend broken wings
Through the night
Love is blind
The light of day unkind
The sense of loss you find
No sense at all
And should you gaze in wonder
Where the eagle flies
Fallen angels might sing
Who can mend broken wings

Broken Wings

Album Track

Words & Music by Bryan Ferry

This was recorded during The Bride Stripped Bare sessions and was considered for the album but was left out from the final cut. It first appeared on the Windswept EP and was used as the b-side to the USA single Help Me. It first appeared on CD on the He'll Have To Go CD single and was also featured on the Japanese Mamona EP.

A rare one off live performnce was done in Syndney in 2004 on the Frantic tour.

Song Musicians

Broken Wings is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums