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Lyrics to Illusions

Recorded by Nicky Haslam featuring Bryan Ferry on Vocals

Want to buy some illusions,
Slightly used, second hand?
They were lovely illusions,
Reaching high, built on sand
They had a touch of paradise
A spell you can't explain:
For in this crazy paradise
You are in love with pain

Want to buy some illusions,
Slightly used, just like new?
Such romantic illusions
And they're all about you
I'll sell them all for a penny
They make pretty souvenirs
Take my lovely illusions
Some for laughs, some for tears



Nicky Halsam released an album called Midnight Matinee in July 2013.

The song Illusions featured Nicky Haslam and Bryan Ferry Vocals The song was originally sung by Marlene Dietrich in the 1948 Film ‘A Foreign Affair’

Song Musicians

Illusions is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums