Virginia Plain Dropped at Merriweather - Fri 20th Jul

Virginia Plain Dropped at Merriweather Yes, Virginia Plain was dropped from the set list played at Merriweather. Poor Virginia, what did she do to deserve the chop? South Downs which is played at the indroduction went on for far longer than usual, and suggested that there may have been some technical problems, espcially as the cocktail chat sounds that usually precceed Re-make/Re-model were missing. Paul Thompson still has his hand strapped, but it hasn't stopped him from giving up that sound we love. Set List: Re-make / Re-model, Street Life, Ladytron, While My Heart is Still Beating, Out of the Blue, A Song for Europe, My Only Love, Oh Yeah, Both Ends Burning, Tara, Avalon, Dance Away, Jealous Guy, Editions of You, Love is the Drug, Do the Strand, For Your Pleasure At this rate, by the end of the tour, the band will be inviting the audience up on stage to do karioke turns!

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