Merriweather Fan Review With Pictures - Fri 20th Jul

Merriweather Fan Review With Pictures
20 July 2001

Merriweather Fan Review With Pictures

Steve sent us his comments and a couple of pictures too. Thank you Steve.
Roxy in Merriweather - Click for a larger version

As I believe "Virginia Plain" is more of a favorite in Europe than in
the United States, that may explain its omission from the Merriweather
set.  Still, with Merriweather located just a dozen miles or so north of the Potomac River and the Old Dominion, and perhaps only twenty-five miles form Robert E. Lee's mansion in Arlington, wouldn't have predicted its absence.  With it gone, Mother of Pearl would have been a nice re-add, but alas...still; another memorable performance from one gem of a band.

A pox on the Philadelphia Inquirer writer at the Tweeter Center in

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