Rotterdam: Ahoy - Thu 13th Sep

Rotterdam: Ahoy
13 September 2001

Thank you very much to Sjaak Rijkse for sending this review.
September 13th, 2001, 21:15.

High expectations provided by the internet were scattered. Words like sensational, unearthly, surrealistic can not describe what happened here, in a week human history was blackened by some lunatic-fanatics. Low and high are very next to each other. Here are some points, strangly equal to the number of songs played:

·After the crew remodeled the sound in the opener, we were off for a 2 hour journey beyoned goosebumbs and nostalgic look-backs with agessive, moving solo's in which everyone took a place in the spot.

·Before the party-clatter there were some people in the audience picking up there phone and there was somebody there, way up some rings in the air: the beauty of modern technique.

·Oeboing on some Enoesque sounds the glamourband took us to some new romantic and musical highs.

·The Avalonian songs were picked up and thrown right into the early years due to the same modern techniques and the unboundried enthausiasm of the core members joined by a more than talented group of musicians: this old band's heart is still beating strong, keep it beating, boys.

·Blue was one of the main colours that came with the lights next to pinkish-red as the rumbling sounds strole through the night and some strings were touched strongly in the end.

·Sounds of the piano never heard before in Europe or anywhere else made an everlasting impression: merveilleux.

·If there is anything that can take the thrill of it away (both not played), let me know, but i don't think there is and that's why this music is it: MOL.

·Occassionaly heard on the radio, this rare company combines classical music with computerish sounds, blure perverse punk with souly-jazz, but allways rock 'n' roll, take it closer to the originals and yet futher away from it.

·So bring on the dancing girls, hot and disco, link them through the stage, reaching us burning at the other end.

·The finishing sounds of the show are a strange mantra echoing through the night, this one with oebo, violin and piano, an oasis in the stormy thundring through the evening and then.

·A bizare monotone bursts from rotating organ sounds and plastic voice into roaring guitars: this must be heaven.

·Or Amazona (not performed it as well) or Eldorado, what's in a name, there are so many for the Wallahallah.

·Away, no room to swing or dance, to move even, so packed was the arena, all we could do was sing along and that was what we did, en mass, surprisingly also with the lesser known songs, there were many fans.

·And there was more than exstatic violins, throttled synths, flintering oboes, poundering pianos, stomping basses, relentless drums, sparkled castagnettes, rolling organs, strange saxes, unexpected harmonicas and electrifying guitars:

·There was whistling from a man with love hurt feelings who moved from right to left and sometimes through the show wasn't in the spotlight at all, but in the back behind his favorite instrument.

·All splended renditions of yours truly's musical favourites passed, but I missed some mentioned in points before.

·And we knew who she was in the end, we didn't have to see her come, we knew what you meant, but that was the beginning, confussion, that's what it's all about, no ending, no beginning, just sounds, sounds and encores.

·And we all need it, we all felt it……

·Dance, dance, dance with feathers….. even on the beach (strand in Dutch) or on tables……

·All for our pleasure……
Thank you.

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