Dortmund: Fan review from Uli - Fri 21st Sep

Dortmund: Fan review from Uli
21 September 2001

Thanks to Uli Kegel for the following review.

So this was Roxy Music 2001 in Dortmund ! Having seen them on the Manifesto, Flesh & Blood and on the Avalon tour I must say that I was
dazed, he was all smiles throughout the evening and sometimes giving us almost silly gestures full of innuendo ! Without going through the whole setlist I would like to mention my personal favourites: A Song For Europe, In Every Dreamhome A Heartache, Both Ends Burning, Editions Of You (with an Eno-esque Lucy Wilkins), Virginia Plain (with a word-perfect crowd in front of the stage who came in spot on on the question 'What's her name?' !).
Other impressions I got: sound guitar playing by Phil and Chris, a brilliant, but modest Andy Mackay, an ever so powerful Paul Thompson and perfect musicianship on the part of Colin Good. A nice gesture by Bryan: he thanked the young support band 'Emmy' for having come all the way from Finland. I think this is the sort of encouragement young hopeful newcomers should be given. During the concert I was stood next to a young fan (26) who had never seen the band play live. Needless to say that he has been won over to the Roxy fan community! The young fans particularly seem to connect to the early
Roxy stuff. To sum up, I hope that this hasn't been the last we have seen of this splendid and inspiring band !

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