Stuttgart: Fan Review, Witches? Brew - Sun 23rd Sep

Stuttgart: Fan Review, Witches´ Brew
23 September 2001

The following review is by Beate Ludwig.

One of the first tricky decisions I had to make on Saturday was how to dress for the concert. Should I wear the silver-grey skirt and top, go in black leather or put on something shimmering in shades of red and orange ?! Finally, in order to find an end, I did not chose “Foxy Roxy” clothing, but got a conservative costume out of the wardrobe, considering the cold weather.
The next question was which highway to take, for the government already got the December-fever, that is there are roadworks everywhere you go and as I had to drive all in all about 900 km, I was obliged to calculate very carefully.

But I arrived in time, even still got a ticket for a seat in the fifth row and met a very nice man, so the 2 hours until the concert passed quite fast. I was surprised about the seating, no standing room ! I had my doubts about this decision by the promoter. And so it came, that after only a few songs, people from behind raged towards the stage; luckily I could manage to get hold of a place in the front (oh, looking Bryan Ferry in the eyes…).

The concert once again was a pleasure. The curtain went up and there they were, the sorcerer sitting at the e-piano, brewing a beguiling Re-make/ Re-model, while the other musicians assisted him in putting a spell on the audience.
Street Life, always one of my favourite songs, now with even more pumping beats was tremendous, followed by Ladytron and While My Heart Is Still Beating, then a gorgeous Song For Europe and a melodious My Only Love. In In Every Dream Home A Heartache Ferry let out his dramatic tremolo and an oh so charming “Oh Yeah” (I love this song) was a cheering experience probably not only for me.

Both Ends Burning just belongs into a disco – may this would help the young folks to find back to highbrow music -, as next a wonderful intermezzo in the form of Tara and then the ever inviting-to-sway Avalon. Dance Away simply pleases and Jealous Guy is now more a Ferry than a Lennon song. Editions of You was electrifying like the superb Virginia Plain and at last the three great encores which (unfortunately without an alteration) in every concert are Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand (think of the posture) and For Your Pleasure.

If there is a lack of criticism in my review, then please make allowances for me. I tend to oversee “mistakes” that concern Roxy Music. Comparing the band and its output with contemporary artists (too often those do not earn this title) I am obliged to be cheerful, because in its entirety they actually belong to the élite of modern artists.
Here I have to make a big compliment to the young group Emmi from Finland opening the evening, I hope – I am sure – you await a successful career going on like that.

As last words let me say I am looking forward to the next Bryan Ferry solo-tour, which is surely to come in 2002, but I also would not mind another Roxy Music tour ……

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