Southend - Sat 16th May

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Keith Buckey for Malden and Burnham Standard

HE’S still got it. In fact, he’s got even more of it than he used to have.

Former Roxy Music singer Bryan Ferry came to the Cliffs as part of a tour, promoting his latest album, Avonmore.

When a star has a back-catalogue as big and diverse as Ferry’s, what most people want to hear is the golden oldies, rather than new numbers they might not know so well.

We were not disappointed.

Ferry played new songs, but peppered the set with hits, keeping the audience bopping in their seats – and eventually in the aisles, too.

The band was super-tight, the backing singers note-perfect, but Ferry was undoubtedly the star.

He’s now 69 years old, but fronting a band most of whom who looked to be in their thirties, he didn’t look out of place. Physically and vocally, he was absolutely on top of his game. He still has the moves – that subtle, cool class and polish. He still has the look, (as well as the hair), and the newer songs sat easily with the classics.

A highlight was Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright, performed with just voice, harp and piano.

Ferry is not one for talking to the audience from the stage, other than to introduce the band, but he constantly engaged us with smiles and eye contact.

I was surprised at how happy he seemed – he appeared to be enjoying everyminute.

The finale had almost everyone out of their seats, dancing to numbers, such as Love is the Drug, Jealous Guy and Let’s StickTogether.

After touring the world last year and making Glastonbury and Coachella festival debuts, Ferry is said to have won a new generation of fans. I can see why – me my mum left the show vowing to get his new album.

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