Newcastle City Hall (Chronicle Live) - Sun 17th May

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A polished and memorable performance at Newcastle City Hall

by Gordon Barr for

So who’s the coolest man in British music?

Gallagher? Williams? Ronson? Murs? No, step aside all you `young’ pretenders. The coolest accolade goes to a 69-year-old who shows no signs of slowing down.

Bryan Ferry appeared in his element as he played a sell-out gig on home turf at Newcastle City Hall and it was evident from the start this man is as uber-cool as he was all those decades ago when he fronted Roxy Music.

This latest tour was on the back of his critically-acclaimed Avonmore album but Ferry, who grew up on Wearside, made sure the fans were happy with a set which reflected not just the present but also the hits of yesteryear.

Many of the biggies were there and Ferry performed them with aplomb, and even the lesser known album tracks benefited from a live airing.

Ferry is a class act and this was a class show from start to finish and with a finale that boasted his greatest hits, no-one could surely have left the City Hall feeling short-changed.

Of course Ferry has had years crafting his art and this experience shows in such a polished and ultimately memorable performance.

And that is why he remains the coolest of the cool!

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