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Lyrics to The 'In' Crowd

Lyrics to the song The 'In' Crowd as recorded by Bryan Ferry.

(Page, 1964)
I'm in with the "in" crowd
I go where the "in" crowd goes
I'm in with the "in" crowd
And I know what the "in" crowd knows (how to have fun)
Any time of the year, don't you hear? (how to have fun)
Dressin' fine, makin' time
We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from people we meet
They make way day or night
They know the "in" crowd is out of sight

I'm in with the "in" crowd
I know ev'ry latest dance
When you're in with the "in" crowd
It's easy to find romance (and we work out)
At a spot where the beat's really hot (and we work out)
If it's square we ain't there
We make ev'ry minute count
Our share is always the biggest amount
Other guys imitate us
But the original's still the greatest

We got our own way of walkin
We got our way of talkin' (gotta have fun)
Any time of the year, don't you hear (gotta have fun)
Spendin' cash, talkin' trash
Girl, I'll show you a real good time
Come on with me and leave your troubles behind
I don't care where you've been
You ain't been nowhere till you been in with the "in" crowd
With the "in" crowd
With the "in" crowd



The 'In' Crowd


This track, originally recorded by Dobie Grey, was released by Bryan Ferry as single. It peaked at number 13 in June 1974 on the UK charts.

Ferry took Dobie Gray's 'northern soul' classic and reinvented it as an aggressive rock track. The song was recorded in Ramport studios (owned by The Who) featuring David O'List who had briefly played with Roxy Music prior to the release of their debut album. During these sessions Bryan and Davy O'List also did a re-recording of the Roxy Music song 'Chance Meeting' which ended up as the b-side to The 'In' Crowd

Roxy played this song live during their 1975 tour and Bryan used this as the opening track on the shows on the Dylanesque tour in 2007-8

What Davy O'List says:

"The backing tracks where finished with all the horns etc etc , and Bryan had done a guide vocal by the time i arrived at the studio. We recorded it at Pete Townsend's Ramport studios which was hidden underneath a tower block in Battersea. Townsend had record 'Quadrophenia' there. There was an amazing atmosphere to the place"

Song Musicians

The 'In' Crowd is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums

Chart Info


21 May 1974       26
28 May                16
04 Jun                  13
11 Jun                  14
18 Jun                  19
25 Jun                  41
(Chart run of 6 weeks)

Thanks to Johnny Reece for the research.