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Lyrics to You Can Dance

In a discotheque at dawn
Is when it came to me
I'd been ravin' through the night
Lookin' for some company,
It was the Mambo talkin'
It's got a lot to say,
'Do you come here often?'
'Do you wanna play?'

The hitchhike into Paris
And zigzag by the Seine
The Hollywood moment
I'll never be the same
You can dance

There's a world awaiting
Way beyond the sea
How I love to travel
Baby will you come with me?

You can dance 

Jump on the table
Slide down the pole
You can wear your sable
You can bare your soul

Through Reno down to Vegas
The casinos never close
To the movers and the shakers
The Tango never knows

You can dance You can dance You can dance You can dance

You can dance You can dance You can dance You can dance

You Can Dance


This song began life as a drums and bass track intended for an album in the late 1990's but was never released. DJ Hell did a mix of the track and released it as a single in January 2010.

You Can dance is the first single from Bryan Ferry's 'Olympia' album. The single was released as a download on 9th August 2010.

The download track listing is:

1. You Can Dance (Radio Edit)       3:17          
2. You Can Dance     4:28         
3. You Can Dance (John Monkman Remix)     6:31        
4. You Can Dance (Padded Cell Remix)     6:54        
5. You Can Dance (Audiojack Remix)     6:54        
6. You Can Dance (Richard Sen Dub)      6:57

Video Credits: Director: Ferry Gouw D.O.P: Christopher Savogal Assistant Director: Sam Le Page Producer: Run Productions Stylist: Anya Ziourova Choreographer: Les Child Set Design: Poppy Bartlett Hair: Shinya Fukami Make-up: Sarah Reygate Editor

Song Musicians

You Can Dance is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums