Lyrics to Alma

Lyrics to the song Alma as recorded by Phil Manzanera.


Words & Music by Phil Manzanera & Bill MacCormack

Bright lights and the city lights are all that I need
Got away from the country life they're all friends to me
But the roar of the streets and the cold window pane
Keeps me from you

Sidewalk talk in the bitter night brings a kid down so fast
Sit in bars watching cars I'm just hoping to see you pass
But the scream off the street and the cold window pane
Keeps me from you

Some way one day we're on our own
Put out my hands and touch your face
Some way can't say I'm all alone don't recognise this time ot place
I see your face in

Strange sights in the car headlights of the shop front display
See me glide on the city tide am I Stealing your heart away
Or does the lure of the street and this cold window pain
Keep me from you



Album Track

Alma is the first song to feature Phil Manzanera on vocals.

Song Musicians

Alma is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums