Lyrics to Amazona

Lyrics to the song Amazona as recorded by Roxy Music.

Words & Music by Bryan Ferry & Phil Manzanera

Amazona is a zone where
There is no doubt
No more fall-out
Why don't you step through the mirror and see?
From Arizona to Eldorado
Sure is a mighty long way

Hey little girl is something wrong
I know it's hard for you to get along
The bell-tower rings
It tolls a hollow sound
But your castles in Spain
Still maybe realized
And longings more profound
You see, every cloud has a silver lining
And sometimes paradise around your corner lies
In Amazona everything is nice
Little one, come take my hand
I'll try to help you there
I'll take you there

Getting closer
Soon you'll see
Journey's over
We're almost there



Album Track

This song was the first departure from Bryan Ferry being the only contributor to the Roxy Music canon. This track was co-written with Phil Manzanera.

Roxy performed this song live on the German live music TV show, Musikladen. It was featured during the 1973 tour, but has not been played live until the 2011 tour when Roxy included this in their set much to the delight of many of their fans.

. Rap artist, Ice T used a sample of the opening guitar motif as the foundation of one of his tracks, 'That's How I'm Living (On The Rox Mix)'.

What Phil says:

"This was on the Stranded album. Brian Eno had just left the band and the opportunity arose for me to contribute some music for the first time. It turned out to be my first recorded track on an album and I was very proud of it. When I finished recording the guitar part, everyone cheered in the control room."

Song Musicians

Amazona is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums