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Lyrics to Angel Eyes (Extended Re-mix)

Lyrics to the song Angel Eyes (Extended Re-mix) as recorded by Roxy Music


Oh angel eyes
Am I deceived
Or did you sigh?
For all I know
You let your love light
Shine on me

Oh angel eyes
You never close
Who's got the time?
I can't wait
Until your love light
Shine on me

(Oh angel eyes)
(It seems to me)
(You fill the skies)
(And far below)
(So let your love light)
(Shine on me) (Rock Version Only)

Oh angel eyes
On the wing and open wide
No matter now
How high the moon shine
Down on me

Angel, angel eyes
Angel, angel eyes
Angel, angel eyes (angel)
Angel, angel eyes (angel)
Angel, (angel)

Angel Eyes (Extended Re-mix)

Album Track

This extended version was the first 12" single to be released by Roxy Music. It featured My Little Girl as the b-side.

This version later appeared on the 12" version of Bryan Ferry's Let's Stick Together ('88 Westside Extended Mix) and on CD for the first time on The Thrill Of It All box set.

Song Musicians

Angel Eyes (Extended Re-mix) is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums