Lyrics to Out Of The Blue

Lyrics to the song Out Of The Blue as recorded by Roxy Music.


All your cares now they seem oh so far away
All your fears I fear I once shared
Now I know there's a future for all of us
Not so long ago I was so scared

You seemed so sad
I could see through your twisted smile
So unsure always confused
Pale blue eyes gazing down from your ivory tower
Through the haze all broken and bruised

Then out of the blue love came rushing in
Out of the sky came the sun
Out of left field came a lucky day
Out of the blue no more pain

I don't mind if it's only a passing craze
Throwaway lines often ring true
If I were you I would stay for a little while
If you were me would you walk out in style?



Out Of The Blue

Album Track

This Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzanera composition features a soaring violin solo and has been a live favourite not only on Roxy tours but on Bryan's solo tours as well as several of Phils live collaborations including 801 and The Explorers.

What Phil says:

"This became one of our most thrilling live tracks, and we still love to play it. The tape phasing used on the intro probably came from one of our producer Chris Thomas’s experiments with The Beatles."

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