Lyrics to Same Time Next Week

Same Time Next Week

Lyrics to the song Same Time Next Week as recorded by Phil Manzanera.

Same Time Next Week

Words & Music by Phil Manzanera & John Wetton

Sometimes when I was younger
I thought I'd found my luck y number
But she drifted away

She'd encourage your advances
Back row movies, midnight chance
Absolutely nothing to say

And as time went by
I found I was looking
For that pebble in the sky
Who was not too shy
But would always satisfy me

Same time next week

Well you've kept your tan quite well I must say
And your figure's getting better every day
But I've something tosay to you

On the subject of confession
I admit to indiscretion
Nothing really just a weekend or two

Well now is that so? I didn't
Really want to know about
The details I've go to go
To meet your sister at nine

And maybe I'll see you same time next week

It must have come as quite a shock to you
To hear people talk as they as people do
So scandalously

Hey I'm a liberated lady
Second generation sister say!
Why don't you want it and
Don't patronise me

Well the problem is with me
You see that you have got
Exactly what I want but she
Has always had what I need

Maybe I'll see you same time next week

Same Time Next Week

Album Track

This song from Phil Manzanera's Diamond Head album is a duet between John Wetton & Doreen Chanter.

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Same Time Next Week is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums