Lyrics to Chance Meeting (Live 1973)

Lyrics to the song Chance Meeting (Live 1973) as recorded by Roxy Music.


I never thought I'd see you again
Where have you been until now?
Well how are you?
How have you been?
It's a long time since we last met

It seems like yesterday
When I first saw you
In your red dress mine
How could I forget that day?
I know that time spent well is so rare


Chance Meeting (Live 1973)

Album Track

This live version of Chance Meeting from the live album Viva! Roxy Music that was recorded over 3 venues, Glasgow Apollo 1973, Newcastle City Hall 1974 and Wembley Empire Pool 1975.

This performance was recorded at Glasgow Apollo on 2nd November 1973 during the'Stranded' tour.

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