Lyrics to Chance Meeting.

Lyrics to the song Chance Meeting. as recorded by Bryan Ferry.

Words & Music by Bryan Ferry

I never thought I'd see you again
Where have you been until now?
Well how are you?
How have you been?
It's a long time since we last met

It seems like yesterday
When I first saw you
In your red dress mine
How could I forget that day?
I know that time spent well is so rare


Chance Meeting.

Album Track

This haunting ballad has been a live favourite through the early tours featured on the live Roxy album 'Viva' with impressive oboe work by Andy Mackay. A session was done for John Peel for his BBC sessions on 23rd June 1972.

Chance Meeting remained un-played from 1974/5 until Bryan Ferry's As Time Goes By Tour. This was the first Roxy song played on that 1999 tour which was warmly received by the fans who didn't know what to expect when he toured with a Jazz band performing '30's standards. The string section and the trombone work brought a new dimension to the instrumental refrains with this arrangement.

Bryan Ferry re-recorded this and used it as the b-side to his solo single The 'In'Crowd and it also featured on his Let's Stick Together album.

Chance Meeting has been covered by Mike Rep And The Quotas on 'A Tree Stump Named Desire'.

Chance Meeting was inspired by the 1945 movie Brief Encounter - Directed by David Lean. A rightly celebrated tear-jerker which movingly recreates a little England on a northern railway platform (location: Carnforth, Lancashire).

It shows that even the repressed British can display emotion (in a very understated manner, of course) when true love comes along. David Lean directed this expansion of Noel Coward's one-act play Still Life; Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard are the respectable middle-class couple who fall deeply in love but ultimately agree not to meet again and to return to their real lives. They do so with such dignity and restraint that it makes their ultimate parting all the more moving. The atmospheric music is Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2.

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