Lyrics to Loop De Li

Lyrics to Loop De Li recorded by Bryan Ferry

You wake up where are you
What's on your mind?
Confusion can't face it
You close your eyes
There's no one to turn to
No where to hide
Deep river cool water
Your love has died

Well I know and you know, we’re killing time
We’re on an Up down see saw….. Loop de li

I saw you cry
Sweet hatred taste bitter…... Loop de li
Ambition no telling what’s on your mind
Hatred - bitter
Loop de li

Well I know you and you know, we’re killing time
We’re on an Up down see saw……Loop de li

You’re watching and waiting You walk on by
Delusion you’re drowning
You wonder why
Ambition no telling What’s on your mind?
Sweet hatred tastes bitter……Loop de li

Loop De Li


Loop De Li is a song recorded by Bryan Ferry for 
his forthcoming album Avonmore due for release on
17th November 2014

This song has also been chosen for the first single
from the album and will begin radio play from
23rd September.
The single will be a download only but some promotional CDs
have been pressed.

The video for Loop De Li,is available
to watch online.
The film is  Directed by Aoife McArdle,
it imagines a wealthy American Psycho-style
character in Britain (played by Sam Woodhams)
who lives a playboy lifestyle and violently
murders his friends.

Loop De Li Video

Bryan's live TV performance from Later With Jools Holland can be seen here:
Loop De Li - - - Later With Jools Holland

Loop De Li was also a regular part of the 2015 Avonmore tour.

Song Musicians

Loop De Li is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums