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Lyrics to The Lambton Worm

Lyrics to the song The Lambton Worm as recorded by Bryan Ferry.

The Lambton Worm
(Traditional, arr. Bryan Ferry)
 One Sunday morn young Lambton went
 A-fishin' in the Wear
 He catched a fish upon his hook
 He thowt it very queer
 But what kind a fish it was
 Young Lambton couldn't tell
 He couldn't be fashed to carry it hyem
 So he hoyed doon the well

 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs,
 Aa'll tell ye's aall an awful story
 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 An' Aal tell ye 'bout the worm

 Now Lambton felt inclined to gan
 An' fight in foreign wars
 He joined a band o' Knights that cared
 For neither wounds nor scars
 An' off he went to Palestine
 Where queer things him befel
 And very soon forgot about
 The queer worm in the well

 But the worm got fat an' growed an' growed
 An' growed an awful size
 With great big teeth, and great big gob
 An' great big goggly eyes
 An' when at night he craaled about
 To pick up bits o'news
 If he felt dry upon the road
 He milked a dozen coos

 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aa'll tell ye's all an aaful story
 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aal tell yer 'bout the worm

 This fearful worm would often feed
 On calves an' lambs an' sheep
 An' swally little bairns alive
 When they laid down to sleep
 An' when he'd eaten all he could
 An' he had had he's fill
 He craaled away an' lapped his tail
 Ten times round Pensher Hill

 Now news of this most awful worm
 An' his queer gannins on
 Seun crossed the seas
 Gat to the ears of brave an' bold Sir John
 So hyem he came an' catched the beast
 An' cut it in two halves
 An' that soon stopped him eatin' bairns
 An' sheep an' lambs and calves

 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aa'll tell ye's aall an aaful story
 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aal tell ye 'bout the worm

 So now ye knaa how all the folks
 On both sides of the Wear
 Lost lots o' sheep an' lots o' sleep
 An' lived in mortal fear
 So let's have one, to brave Sir John
 That kept the bairns from harm
 Saved cows an' calves by makin' halves
 O' the famous Lambton Worm

 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs,
 Aa'll tell ye's aall an aaful story
 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aal tell ye 'bout the worm

 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 Aa'll tell ye's aall an aaful story
 Whisht lads, haad yer gobs
 An aal tell ye 'bout the worm


The Lambton Worm

Album Track

The Lambton Worm is a traditional folk song from Bryan Ferry's home area in Northumbria. Bryan recorded this song for a limited edition charity album Northumbria Anthology. Bryan's recording of the song also featured fellow Geordie and Roxy drummer Paul Thompson on Backing Vocals as well as Mark Smith and Mick Green on backing vocals. Paul Campbell played: Dobro, Mandolin and programming. Steve Dagget did the programming as well as some backing vocals and the track was produced by Paul and Steve Campbell.

This is a compilation album of renowned artists from the North East of England recording their favorite regional folk songs in a contemporary style. Hailing from Washington, County Durham, Mr. Ferry has chosen the classic LAMBTON WORM


During the Middle Ages, a young member of the Lambton family chose to fish on a Sunday despite warnings that it was unlucky. On this particular day he caught nothing but a worm and in anger, threw it into the well.
Some years later, while Lambton was away fighting the Crusades, the worm emerged from the well, a huge and ferocious beast. It devastated the land killing all in its path and continued to grow, coiling its massive body around the hillsides. On his return from the Holy Land, the brave young Lambton sought help from a witch on how best to slay the beast, but he was told that if he killed the creature, he would have to slay the very next living thing he met. The worm was killed but sadly, it was Lambton's father who passed by, and the young crusader, unable to murder him,reneged on his promise to the witch and condemned his family to a curse of untimely deaths that continued for nine generations.

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