1985 Bryan Ferry Live Aid

Bryan Ferry did not intend doing any shows to promote his Boys and Girls album. He wanted to continue with the next album before thinking of playing live again. Bob Geldof managed to convince him to perform at what has been the biggest live event in the world ever.

Bryan formed a band with many of the session musicians he had been working with on Boys And Girls including Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour.

A number of technical difficulties marred Bryan's performance. Andy Newmark broke a drumskin with the first beat on his snare drum and Bryan had to perform most of his set holding 2 microphones as one wasn't working.

Bryan Ferry recalls:

"I have terrible memories of it all going wrong. I'd put together an all-star band and the set was fraught with problems. We had David Gilmour on guitar and, poor David, his guitar wasn't working for the first couple of songs. With his first hit, the drummer put his stick through the drum skin. And then my microphone wasn't working, which for a singer is a bit of a handicap. A roadie ran on with another mic so then I was holding two mics taped together and I wasn't really sure which one to sing into. It was a great day though."

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13 July 1985 Wembley Stadium London